After the Return of the Duchesses, Here Comes the Battle of the Dukes!
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After the Return of the Duchesses, Here Comes the Battle of the Dukes!

December 18, 2013

The Carnival wants to beat the record for the world’s biggest snowball fight!

Québec, December 17th, 2013 – The Carnival is asking Québec’s population to participate in the world’s biggest snowball fight! The goal is 6,000 participants! The activity, meant as a salute to the cult film La Guerre des Tuques, will be held on the first Saturday of the Carnival, in other words on February 1st, from noon to 4 p.m., on the Plains of Abraham. To truly uphold the 80s theme, participants will be invited to let loose and show up wearing their fluorescent one-piece snowsuits or vintage fur coats and to let their inner child shine through during the construction of two forts and a snowball fight! Animation and DJs will spice things up and amplify the festive mood.

“As the world’s largest winter Carnival, we must push limits by organizing larger-than-life activities in our city that will have an international impact. What better way to show our love of winter and our festive character than to set a new record while playing outside!” states Denis Simard, President of the Carnival.

Enthusiastic at the thought of the activity being held, Mr. Rock Demers, Producer of La Guerre des Tuques, endorsed the event and even took the time to participate in the video promoting the Battle of the Dukes!

The secret to success: participation!
For the activity to be held, the Carnival must ensure that the population will participate in large numbers. In this regard, the organization challenged itself to collect at least 1,500 registrations in advance on the La Ruche website. Registration costs $15 (price of the Effigy), and each participant registered on the day of the event will receive an Effigy. The activity, reserved for persons 18 years and over, requires participants to wear any type of helmet and safety eyewear (for example: safety or ski goggles, bike or construction helmet).

“We’re taking a risk today in announcing the Battle of the Dukes, but I’m convinced that we can bring
thousands of people together to set a new record!” states Denis Simard. The City of Seattle set the last such Guinness record in 2013 with 5,834 snowball throwers. The Carnival now challenges itself to beat this feat.

Value Village, which presents the activity, will have 500 entry tickets for the activity. They will be given to those who bring the equivalent of two grocery bags of donations to one of the four stores located in Sainte-Foy, Lebourgneuf, Québec and Trois-Rivières. This gives participants the opportunity to nab a vintage accessory for the fight in store!

From January 31st to February 16th, Québec will be So Carnival

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