The Carnival will Host a National Snowmobile Competition on the South Shore!
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The Carnival will Host a National Snowmobile Competition on the South Shore!

November 13, 2013

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The Carnival will Host a National Snowmobile Competition on the South Shore! 
Québec, November 13th, 2013 – The Québec Winter Carnival is proud to present a snowcross 
competition as part of the largest snowmobile racing circuit in Canada, the Canadian Snowcross Racing 
Association (CSRA), for the first time. February 1st and 2nd, 2014, speed and thrill seekers will get the 
opportunity to see some 200 racers, both amateurs and professionals, brave the circuit that was 
specifically designed for the occasion behind the Centre des Congrès et d’exposition de Lévis. 
Competitors from Quebec, Ontario and the northern United States are expected to race during this 
competition that promises to be adrenaline pumped for spectators. Racers will get the chance to show 
their skills at manoeuvring these high-tech engines on a compact race track of approximately 2,000 feet, 
composed of sharp curves, close bumps and some jumps of more than 100 feet high. 
“Everyone knows how popular snowmobiling is in Quebec. With this new activity, we’ll grasp most 
people’s attention and so it will be a popular event”, states Denis Simard, President of the 60th Carnival. 
“For its 60th anniversary, the organization is being bold by integrating a high-caliber CSRA race to its 
program. Visitors will get the opportunity to live winter differently, in the unique party atmosphere of the 
Québec Winter Carnival!” 
“Snowcross fans, racers, spectators and snowmobile drivers in general have one thing in common: their 
love of nature and the great outdoors. This fits perfectly with the goals of the Québec Winter Carnival 
organization who wants the population to go outside and celebrate winter, first and foremost,” mentions 
Ken Avann, President of the Canadian Snowcross Racing Association. 
The site will be able to welcome up to 5,000 spectators at once, among which 2,000 will be able to sit in 
the stands specifically designed to best see the race. The event will cost $20 per adult and $10 per child; 
tickets will be available for purchase directly at the entrance of the site. Effigy holders will get a 50% 
discount on the entrance cost by presenting the appropriate coupon that comes with the Effigy. 
Some statistics 
According to the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA), in 2012 in Canada, there 
were more than 593,000 registered snowmobile drivers. Quebec comes first with 29% of the registered 
vehicles, followed by Ontario with 25% and Newfoundland with 17%. 
A Print Measurement Bureau (PMB) survey dating back to fall 2012 showed that 1.1 million Canadians had 
already tried the snowmobile. From this number, 340,000 Quebecers and 386,000 Ontarians aged 12 and 
over had practiced this activity at least once in the last 12 months. 
From January 31st to February 16th, 2014, Québec will be Completely Carnival! 
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Source: Pascale Grenier, Press Secretary 
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