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Québec and Bordeaux: a strong link, a direct link!

February 4, 2010

Twinning is paying off

The city of Québec is pleased to announce new Air Transat direct flights between Bordeaux and Québec which will strengthen our overseas trading, whether for business or leisure.

A direct result of the twinning of Québec City and Bordeaux, these added flights will be offered beginning next September and will meet the existing demand considering that a large number of French travellers to Québec hail from regions outside the Parisian region.

The promotion of these flights will be done jointly by the Bordeaux and Québec City tourism offices. They are preparing cross-promotional campaigns aimed at encouraging Quebecers and Bordelais to visit their twin region. In Québec, the promotion will be visible on the capital region’s transport network buses.

« The links between Québec and Bordeaux are strong and will be further strengthened through the announcement of these new flights, said Mr. Raymond Dion, Municipal Councillor for the city of Québec and President of the capital region’s transport network. Our two cities have much in common and we hope that these exchanges will follow this upward trend, particularly in matters pertaining to the economy. »

A cultural and urban destination where large open spaces can be found less than 30 minutes from the downtown core, Québec city will be more accessible than ever thanks to Air Transat’s direct flights.

Québec at Bordeaux fête le vin

The inaugural flight will coincide with Québec City’s participation as the guest of honour during the Bordeaux fête le vin event, which will take place from June 24th to 27th.

Québec City intends to take advantage of this event to promote the city and its regions to several clienteles: investors, future immigrants, students and tourists. The kiosk will present what makes Québec stand out while appealing to the French: its knowledge economy, a cultural and technological environment that remains close to nature, in short, a mythical image adapted to the 21st century.

« Québec is a welcoming, attractive and beautiful city, and in full economic growth, stated Mr. Dion. We want to share our success and allow our bordelais friends to benefit from it as well. »

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Sources:   Office du tourisme de Québec

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