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Québec City Tourism is launching its brand new web site

November 26, 2009

Québec, November 26, 2009 – « Today, it’s with much pride and joy that we launch our brand new web site. This launch marks the first phase of the rollout of an online marketing platform for Québec City Tourism ». This is how QCT Director, Mr. Gabriel Savard, began the press conference that was called to announce the launch of the new version of the www.quebecregion.com web site. Mr. Daniel Gagnon, the organization’s Communications and Marketing Director, was also on hand.

Mr. Gagnon had this to say about the new web site: « This site was developed first and foremost to meet the needs of tourists who are interested in the region of Québec. It will allow them to fully experience Québec before, during and after their visit. We have put emphasis on the quality, relevance and quantity of readily available information and were obsessed throughout the process with making the site as user-friendly as possible ». Pictures, videos, texts and maps are all richly designed and quite useful to the visitor. Furthermore, the architecture of the site was developed with QCT’s marketing objectives in mind, particularly its concern with increasing the length of visits and tourist spending.

The new www.quebecregion.com web site will allow visitors to devise a plan for their visit, share it, get informed and inspired by comments posted by other visitors, and to comment themselves on their experience in Québec. As a matter of fact, comments from the Tripadvisor web site will be added to the files of several of QCT’s affiliated members, as will those left on the site by visitors. This site is not only geared to individual travelers: there will also be detailed sections for convention organizers, travel professionals, travel publications and QCT members.

This site is the cornerstone of an integrated online marketing strategy that will allow QCT to offer, before the end of 2010, several online services to visitors, such as the ability to make reservations, content and applications for their mobile devices, message boards and tools that will allow them to share their experiences, photos and videos of the Québec region with other visitors. QCT will also develop an extranet site to communicate and manage all its communications with affiliated members.

The launch of the QCT web site is the culminating point of a year filled with analysis, reflection, design and production. This work required the help of many QCT employees as well as outside firms, who together formed a consortium, all under the direction of Amalgame, our ad agency.  This agency was hired to handle all mandates relating to QCT pleasure tourism marketing campaigns. Amalgame collaborated with Nofolo, a young web site development company. Zengo provided content architecture and Web writing throughout the development process while REP Solution was responsible for the implementation of customer relationship management software (CRM). « QCT wanted to call on mainly Québec companies and creators for the development of its web site and we can now say that it was entirely created, developed and produced in the region ofQuébec », added Mr. Savard.

In the same breath, QCT’s Director voiced his satisfaction with the respect of the total budget allocated by the organization and the timely delivery of the project. As per projections, total spending stayed below $500,000. As for the deadline, despite adding on and developing site functions that were not part of the original plan, delivery was delayed by only one month.

The QCT web site was presented today to its members and the media during the 2010 Québec City Tourism marketing day held at the Centre des congrès de Québec.

Québec City Tourism is at once a regional tourism association and department of the City of Québec. It has over 1,050 members. Its mission is to actively contribute to the industry’s economic growth through combined and coordinated efforts in promotion, development hospitably and information.

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Source :
Sylvie Walter
Communication counselor
Québec City Tourism
Phone: 418-641-6654, ext. 5482

Sources:   Office du tourisme de Québec

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