Aurora Borealis - Quebec City and Area


You can view various short videos on the Québec City area, right on our site

If you would like to use our 4-Season, Winter or Summer promotional videos for tour presentation or to show the Québec City region, we have two versions in two formats:

For each experience (Nature and Adventure, History and Heritage, Business, Snow, Urban Lifestyle and Culture), we have a Summer and a Winter version available. Please contact your Account Executive to order them.

Finally, if you would like to access the film and footage bank for TV or the Internet, contact one of our delegates, who will send you images of the Québec City region for any season, in Betacam SP format (NTSC or PAL).

If you’d like to use these business videos for a presentation or in your promotional tools, we offer two versions in different formats:

  .wmv (Windows Media) .mov (Quicktime Movie)
Short version:
2 min. 22 sec.
English - 30 Mo
French - 30 Mo
English - 48 Mo
French - 48 Mo
Long version:
4 min. 39 sec.
English - 110 Mo
French - 110 Mo
English - 60 Mo
French - 60 Mo

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