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Place Royale - Quebec City and Area

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Québec City, Business Destination par excellence

Ensure your next meeting is a success by holding it in Québec City.

Québec City stands out in the incentive travel and convention market. In addition to being one of the most popular tourist destinations in North America, it offers all of the advantages of a leading business destination: convention and meeting centres featuring state-of-the-art facilities, excellent hotels, an efficient transportation network, readily available professional services and streets that are safe to walk at night.

Everyone loves Québec City

Old Québec is one of the city's major attractions, with its fortified walls, historic European charm and winding, narrow streets lined with shops, museums and sights of interest. After a productive day, business travellers can enjoy a delicious meal at one of the more than one hundred cafés, bistros and fine restaurants within the stone walls encircling the Old City. Of the 16,400 accommodation units available in the region, approximately 5,000 are located in Old Québec or just outside the fortifications.

The number of sport and recreational activities that can be practiced in the region make it a destination of choice, particularly for incentive travel. Downtown Québec City is only a 30-minute drive from many natural parks, rivers, wildlife reserves, mountain-biking trails, downhill and cross-country ski resorts, groomed snowmobiling trails, hiking paths and a multitude of seasonal activities ranging from dogsledding to water sports. The proximity between the great outdoors and the comforts of a modern urban centre accounts, in part, for the Greater Québec City region's renown as a business destination.

Events, Festivals and Meeting Facilities

Other factors enhance Québec City's appeal as a business and incentive travel destination, such as the unending succession of special events and festivals held in the region. Two notable examples are the Québec Summer Festival, described by the French daily Le Figaro as "an international crossroads of the music of tomorrow", and the Québec Winter Carnival, one of the largest winter carnivals in the world.

Québec City has a number of original meeting facilities that lend themselves well to thematic events and activities. These include chapels, vaulted cellars, theaters, sumptuous manors, terraces, interior courtyards, towers and historical buildings, all of which can serve as a source of inspiration to convention and meeting organizers.

Equipped for Business

Business tourism in Québec City has been on the rise since the enlargement of the Québec City Convention Centre in 1996. Located just outside the fortified walls surrounding Old Québec, the Convention Centre can accommodate up to 4,000 participants at the same event. It is connected by tunnel to two hotels with over 1,000 rooms and has an enormous underground parking lot.

The Québec City Convention Centre received the prestigious 2006 APEX Award for the world's best congress centre from the International Association of Congress Centers (IACC).

In view of diversifying the facilities available for business tourism, Québec City also has an exhibition ground, ExpoCité, strategically located near several major thoroughfares. The site is only a few minutes by car from Old Québec. Events of a more modest size can take advantage of the numerous venues across the region, ranging from hotels with integrated services to establishments specializing in banquets, not to mention the country inns and heritage estates on the outskirts of town.

Easily Accessible Destination

Québec City has a first-rate transportation infrastructure linking it to most big cities in Ontario, the Maritimes and the Northeastern United States. The expansion and renovations at Jean-Lesage International Airport were completed in June 2008. Direct flights are available to Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Halifax, New York-Newark, Paris Nantes and Marseille, enabling travellers to connect with a vast network of international flights. Québec City is only 45 minutes by plane from Montréal, and one and a half hours from New York or Toronto. In 2008, the airport handled a record 1,000,000 passengers, two thirds of whom were business travellers! The highways located on both the north and south shores of the St. Lawrence River lead to Montréal, which is only two and a half hours away by car or motor coach. It is possible to travel by train with Via Rail along the Québec City–Windsor corridor all the way to the downtown core.

Thriving Economy

Québec City is experiencing a renewal in several key economic sectors that are stimulating business tourism. Long dependent on a tertiary economy, Québec City is becoming a major player in the insurance and booming multimedia sectors, as well as expanding into a number of other sectors: biomedical and life sciences, agrifood, wood and construction materials, optics, photonics, lasers, geomatics and ecotechnology.

Business travellers love Québec City because it is so different from other North American destinations: an oasis of European charm where the French language is very much alive. Visitors to this easily accessible city are always warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Bienvenue chez nous!

Tourism Business in Québec City at a Glance

Accommodation units: 17,250

Québec City Convention Centre

  • Usable surface
    • 21,500 m2 (232,000 sq. ft.)
    • Capacity: 10,000 people
  • Exhibition hall
    • 6,950 m2 (75,000 sq. ft.)
    • 410 stands
  • Convention room
    • 3,210 m2 (34,500 sq. ft.)
    • 3,500 people in a theater layout
    • 2,160 people in a banquet layout
  • Multipurpose room
    • 2,320 m2 (25,000 sq. ft.)
  • Meeting rooms
    • 30 in total, for groups of 50 to 500
  • Spinoffs
    • From April 1,1997, to March 31, 2005, the Québec City Convention Centre helped generate $174.8 million in revenue for the accommodation and restaurant sector.

ExpoCité Exhibition Grounds

  • Exhibit area
    • Modular
    • 11,600 m2 (125,000 sq. ft.)
    • Divisible into 4 rooms
    • Ceiling height of 9.1 m (30 ft.)
  • Loading docks
    • 13 loading docks with four doors measuring 4.5 m x 4.5 m (15 ft. x 15 ft.) that open directly onto the exhibit area
  • Telecommunications infrastructure and cutting-edge AV equipment
  • Restaurant (seating capacity of 220) and cantina (seating capacity of 250)
  • 4 multipurpose rooms
  • Computerized ticketing with 23 points of sale
  • Parking for 3,500 vehicles
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