From January 6th until March 25th, 2012 - Quebec City and Area

Québec City’s Military Heritage

The heritage site of Old Québec and its citadel, the Upper Town and its protective fortifications, and the Lower Town and its port and historical neighborhoods offer an unparalleled example—by far the best in North America—of a fortified colonial city.

Québec City’s historical district was added to the UNESCO world heritage list in 1985 largely due to its military heritage.

Recommended Activities and Attractions

Fortifications of Québec (National Historic Site of Canada)

The fortifications sit atop a natural defensive site, encircling Old Québec over nearly 4.6 km. A walk along the walls is a great way to learn more about the city’s defense system. The guided visit is packed full of history facts and unparalleled views.

La Citadelle de Québec

Built atop a promontory, the Citadel has borne witness to major historic events and has something special for everyone, including spectacular architecture, sweeping views of the St. Lawrence River, and a fascinating museum.

Musée du Fort

Here, a sound and light show brings Québec’s military history to life using an impressive model of the city as it was in 1750. Permanent exhibitions featuring artifacts complete the show.

Residence of the Governor General at the Citadel

The state rooms where the governor general fulfills his or her responsibilities as head of state and commander in chief of Canada are open to visitors. Historic events that took place onsite, such as the Québec Conferences of 1943 and 1944, are presented at the residence.

Artillery Park Heritage Site

A site of utmost importance in Québec City’s history, this park is made up of three buildings, all of which are the only ones of their kind in Québec: the Dauphine Redoubt (1712), the Officers’ Quarters (1818), and the Arsenal Foundry (1901).

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