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Bus Parking

Québec City is a historic center of great richness and beauty. That's why millions of people visit it each year. Naturally, all this traffic requires sound transportation management. In high season, up to 45,000 buses will enter Old Québec. This can cause major inconveniences for residents and tourists alike: pollution, noise, and traffic congestion.

The Bus Driver's Guide provides drivers with all the information, regulations, and guidelines they need, including:

  • Hotel loading and unloading zones
  • Parking restrictions in Old Québec
  • Guide services
  • Local dispatchers
  • Drivers lounges
  • Traffic signs and regulations
  • Health and emergency services
  • Bus maintenance and repair

By following the guidelines in this brochure, you can help ensure Québec City remains an attractive and enjoyable city for everyone.

We also invite you to check the City of Québec website to find out about possible traffic obstructions and road work during your time here.

We're counting on your cooperation. Thank you very much! And welcome to Québec City!

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